Consumed by resentments...out of the rooms

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Re: Consumed by resentments...out of the rooms

Postby Noels » Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:45 am

Hi BO :D oh my goodness. .... your story could be my story that's how similar it seems be. Strangely I myself have been so disappointed by the members and behaviour of certain groups that I don't attend meetings anymore either.
Thats really sad because not only did I really enjoy the meetings but I was born to help people and the newcomerS especially related to me really well.
Oh well. ... I guess it's gonna take some time for me to trust again. Like Brock said in his previous post - I can't see why you need to do amends. Amends are usually made by the person who 'caused ' the harm or hurt. Not by the person who was the object of receiving the harm or hurt.
Best of luck to you my friend. If those members are even slightly like the ones I've encountered here on my end an amends or just a 'I'm sorry ' will most likely never be heard.
I'm trying my best to forgive in my prayer and when I have a day - like today - where I feel a bit sore about it - I just accept that I'm allowed to have those feelings since I'm not perfect. Yet.
Wishing you a fabulous afternoon
Mwah xxx


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