ESH: Troubles ?

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ESH: Troubles ?

Postby dorabubble » Sun Apr 03, 2005 12:26 am

"There was a time when we ignored trouble, hoping it would go away. Or in fear and desperation we ran from it but found it was still with us........

Then came AA. Here were learned that trouble was really a fact of life for everybody - a fact that had to be understood and dealt with. Surprisingly we found that our troubles could....... be converted into unimaginable blessings.

Indeed that was the essence of AA itself: trouble accepted, trouble squarely faced with calm courage, trouble lessened and often transcended.......... Such demonstrations became our stock in trade for the next sufferer". - As Bill Sees It, page 110
Have you met in AA anyone who has given you the impression that life has been and continues to be for them trouble-free ? I have certainly not.

During my early days in AA often I took hope from shares in which people spoke about, for example coping with their severely disabled child; their divorce, life-threatening illnesss, redundancy, the death of a loved one, and lesser (?) troubles such as their washing machine breaking down, getting stuck in a traffic jam, missing the bus, losing their credit card. That hope came when they shared that their "trouble" had not been used by them as a reason for them to start drinking. It came in the form of thoughts that if these folk had come to be able to not drink on matters such as these maybe if I do what they have done, one day, I too shall find that whatever troubles come my way I also will be able to not drink on them.

Today, I wish to share with you that I am grateful to those AA folk whose shares gave me reason to think it a good idea to work the Steps and take on board other AA teachings. My gratitude stems from knowing that none of the troubles that have come my way since I've come to know amd make use of AA's teachings have been used by me as a good excuse to start drinking. And that's good news.

Sent with love and hopes that should trouble come your way today you will have cause to think that it's not worth losing sobriety over.

"Growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness."
- Jean Vanier
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