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Postby zoomie » Sat Nov 20, 2004 4:48 pm

Whats a slip and whats a relaps, are they one in the same or different. I'v been around for 16 years, i had six full years until my desease kicked in. I'v had "relaps" before that I go back out and don't come back for a long time. My slips are I go many months or a year then I pick up a drink for a few days and try again. Or at least is was.
My last slip I was sober for a while, I drank two beers and said to myself "what in GOd's name is wrong with you,do you want to go though DTs again?" That was what 76 days ago.
So I got humble, I threw in the towle and begged God to kill me now or help me live a sober life one day at a time.
I started from square one and got another sponcer and did as directed from him. I'v been working the steps as he suggested and now I'm on 8.
I go to a meeting every day ( a FTF one).
I know relapses and I know slips from my own diffinition. Do I deserve another chance to be sober? To be a member of AA? My thoughts are this... "how many chances does a person get? As many as it takes until they die"! I chose to live today and not mess around in my program,that is why I take the precautions of going to meetings and doing as my sponcer suggest. Now my sponcer does not get into my sex life, he's not my husband,nor my lover. He does not get into my legal issues if I had any except my divorse, he neither indorses or opposes any of my causes. he is there as a sponcer in AA,working with me with the steps,then after that we have our own personal life as far as being wonderful friends. Heck, if he felt horrible about any of his slips or relapes, he would not be here today to be my sponcer. He feels alls we really got is one day at a time in the program. if it's good enough for him,then it's good enough for me.
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