Selfless Recovery

If you're not an alcoholic but have questions about AA, here's the place to ask them. Anyone may post messages and replies in this forum.
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Selfless Recovery

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Dear AA Fellowship,

I practice the art of awakening, but that doesn't mean my experience is any better or any worse than others. I find these days people are off and on about being communicable, recovery is the only thing that satisfies my existence, and makes my life complete. I've wanted to feel the depths of eternity but I was not seeing what took place in the present. I wanted to forget that my past even bothered me, but I was just delaying being hurt by pride. Though pride can get in the way, I am a true believer that the path to recovery is in the steps. I feel all are welcome, anyone who has problem with alchohol, who feels their life will get better in sobriety I think deserves a seat. There is no very cute, shy, or innocent truth in being alchoholic, there are things I notice that I would hope go unnoticed, there are things that I see in other people that I want, and at times things that I don't like about myself. Yet, all in all this is a selfless program of recovery, and all our lonely hearts fit the description of being a desperate last gasper. I have made many friends in the program, still I turn it over by developing a relationship with myself, that is based on trust, being giving and modesty, I always hope the newcomer will reach the point when he will stop thinking for a moment about how his life is only going to get worse, and turn it over, like I had to, life is too short to search for pain high and low, since it comes anyway, but in recovery we have the steps and we have each other, and each day is beautiful that we don't pick up.

Thank You,

Robben W

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