Confused has closure

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Confused has closure

Postby beckergirl » Thu May 15, 2008 5:11 pm

Thank you for your responses to my problem....>today we have spoken for the fist time in 5days......He was not the hurting man I spoke with 5 days ago...He was almost cold during our talk and annoyed that I was being appears his descion has been made for his furture in 5 days. .."our 2yrs was not wasted it had good memoriesis..but I guess I was not the one for him."..he is still hooked on a ex GF from 6yrs ago..who is married and with kids..he still has issues...she treated him poorly..he doesnt know what the furture will bring and is to start couseling in a few weeks..and he never did say "I love you to me"...This is the end of my story that you all for letting me vent...

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