Please see post in "If it doesn't fit anywhere else"

If you're not an alcoholic but have questions about AA, here's the place to ask them. Anyone may post messages and replies in this forum.
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Please see post in "If it doesn't fit anywhere else"

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I do identify as an alcoholic, but I no longer want to drink. And every time I would try to stop drinking I would feel so alone in my own house. There's only two of us living here now, so at least I can hide in the spare room when I'm angry and need space. However, this entire situation is not easy for me to deal with at all.

Please see "I feel so alone and angry at S.O. & Daughter!" in the "If it doesn't fit anywhere else" forum for more info.

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Re: Please see post in "If it doesn't fit anywhere else"

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I am the son of 2 alcoholic parents, one being more functional than the other. The hardest thing i had came to encounter is denial. When all the facts show that there is an alcohol problem and they deny. You are stronger than that. You are somewhat more honest with yourself. You do not have shame in admitting that you are what you are. That does not make you a bad person. That actually makes you the best person possible. You know the situation that you are in, and if you know the situation you are in it is because you have reflected upon your situation before. You know what you are doing is not right for yourself. Now i am not judgemental, everyone had their reasons...But having lived with alcoholics all my life and still asking myself the reasons why...I can tell you that you far ahead from most people. You are wiser, you are stronger, you are more realist, etc...And only that type of attitude will bring the change that you already subconsciously want. You already know you want more of life. And that is probably why you feel lost and drink. But what you deserve right now is something more deep and more complicated than the easy way out through a bottle. What you need is to re-discover yourself. I wish i would have parents with the same level of honesty as you have. This sounds a bit "cliché" bit you are worth much more than drinking when you feel alone. You deserve a better attitude from yourself towards yourself! I Wish you all the hope and luck. Take care. J.

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