He broke up with me to focus on his sobriety

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Re: He broke up with me to focus on his sobriety

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There is always a person at my home group meetings that always says he could forget about having his wife and his life without sobriety. To maintain "healthy" relationships you have to accept reality and without sobriety life can be a fantasy. I know it may hurt that he has broken up with you and you love him, but if he does not focus on his sobriety he may not be able to make it to be there for any of his family. You can offer to support him in his journey but that is about it. I have met many people that have hit rock bottom and started the program after a divorce and it was important that they did not look to rush into a new relationship but to focus on bettering themselves. Almost all of them after working the program for years got into new relationships and became married and in the best relationship of their lives. A few people showed that they did this (sobriety) for there ex and they ended up back together and even stronger than before. I know you probably do not like to hear what I am saying, but as the saying goes, "Everything in God's world happens for a reason". Best wishes

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