New here. looking for some help

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Re: New here. looking for some help

Postby chefchip » Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:45 am

Sharonneeds help wrote:I didn't drink but I went through hell so I drank a Pepsi.

Keep drinking Pepsi. Pretty soon you will reach for one of those, instead of alcohol, out of habit. You won't give it a second thought. I did lots of replacement therapy at the beginning, too. It was all I knew to do. Early recovery is all about doing things differently. If the old ways worked, we wouldn't need recovery!
The only constant in life is change.
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Re: New here. looking for some help

Postby amont » Tue Jan 20, 2015 2:58 am

hi guys!

It's been a month since the last time I checked this thread. I remember the day I wrote this topic clearly as the back of my palm. That moment, I desperately needed some help on my brothers addiction. I mention that we successfully convinced him to go to a rehab, but we did not even needed to go that far. It's a miracle that he quit on his addiction without having a consultation. He started shaping his life again, he got a job with a nice pay, new apartment, even get to the point that he planned to have his own family. But recently, his girlfriend cheated and leave him for another guy. That's basically turn his world upside down again. To make matters worse, he turned to his old habit, Drinking until he passes out. Ugh! back to phase 1! He's even suicidal right now! Honestly, every day, his life is like in the middle of a sea of fire. Poisoning his body slowly but surely. I can't stand watching him digging his grave a little by little. That's why mum and I decided to take him into a rehab center AGAIN! The only problem is, We are not sure if rehab will really help him out of his addiction. I have already conducted some research and gather some information about how rehab works. I browsed numerous websites that holding information about any treatment program, such as this Addiction Rehab Center (URL Link removed in keeping with forum policy) That I'm currently reading now. But to be honest, I can't picture him entering on one of these facilities, I'm a little worried about how he will be treated there. I guess, I just want the best for him, so I am just scared what will happen once he get himself in. But Mum was decided, rehab his our last resort, so here goes nothing! Hoping all goes well! Anyway, suggestions will be gladly appreciated :) thanks in advance guys!
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Re: New here. looking for some help

Postby PaigeB » Tue Jan 20, 2015 1:10 pm

Hi amont. Glad you came back with your update. My daughter has followed that same path, though she will not be going to treatment, but instead to jail.

Who knows where we will be able to help. It is usually not family that is able to be effective - and I have found that through my own journey loving another alkie - one that I cannot divorce! As an alcoholic, I need AA to keep my head on straight. But I did attend Alanon for a while on top of it. They call us double winners there! They run with the 12 Steps too and I was advised to get a sponsor and work the Steps the Alanon way. I did not do this though, I found my defect of blaming others for my problems was better handled in AA. I am responsible for what I think and how I act. No "dangerous exceptions" for me...

If I get in too much pain I will drink. Keeping in a fit spiritual condition and remembering that is my biggest priority.

Step 6 is "AA's way of stating, the best possible attitude one can take in order to make a beginning on this lifetime job... with most of them we shall have to be content with patient improvement." 12&12 Step Six, p.65
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Re: New here. looking for some help

Postby Blue Moon » Tue Jan 20, 2015 10:07 pm


How any of us will be treated in rehab can hardly be worse than how we treat ourselves whilst drinking alcoholicly.

Seriously, have you gone to Alanon? There is no way I could have recovered whilst someone close was trying to foist it upon me. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way, no matter how well-intended.
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