Supporting a friend

If you're not an alcoholic but have questions about AA, here's the place to ask them. Anyone may post messages and replies in this forum.
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Supporting a friend

Post by pinky123 »

Hello- I have a friend who is 1 week sober. What can I do /say to let them know I support them and proud of their accomplishment?

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Re: Supporting a friend

Post by ann2 »

Say, "That's awesome! Way to go! Hurray! Well done! Congrats!"


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Re: Supporting a friend

Post by Tommy-S »

Welcome Pinky,

Understanding the power of Alcohol on an Alcoholic, and how best to maintain my own sanity and serenity when dealing with them is something I gained from going to Alanon meetings.

There I find others in similar circumstances and the knowledge that I am Not alone. Here's their link with information, and a means to find a meeting near you.

Try it... It works.

Together, we don't have to cave in or wimp out to that Fatal First One, no matter what today!

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