Treasurer's report for July 2010

Is the concept of a Home Group dying? What is a Home Group anyway? Talk about it here.
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Treasurer's report for July 2010

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These forums are part of the E-AA group.

Forwarding this from Sally-our acting secretary. Please read. It came from the "members" e-mail business meeting of E-AA

--Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 05:45:24 -0700

Morning everyone
Sally- alcoholic-
acting secretary of

Generally we keep all business issues on the members group---
but this is important and touches everyone single one of us who
is part of

We need $$$ to stay afloat- online needs $$$ to exist- unlike f2f.
if we don't have it- we are gone.

below is the treasurer's report for June2010-
please read it- and if you can- open your hearts-
and donate.

thank you.

----- Forwarded Message ----

Sent: Wed, July 7, 2010 9:41:29 AM
Subject: [Members] July Treasurer's Report

Hi, everyone. This month 5 members contributed financially to our operations'
expenses. We continue to hover about 10% below our prudent reserve. Our current balance is $455.95.

With my writing a check for our Chat service provider of $180, that brings our current balance to $275.95. I have not yet received the June literature expenses.

We are failing at self-support. We can fix that.

Contribution methods are:


The e-AA Group
732 Viader Ct.
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Any questions from the floor? -k.

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