co-treasurers report for June 2009

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co-treasurers report for June 2009

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I am not the co-treasurer -- I am just posting the report :-)

If you are a member of AA, please consider making a contribution. A small amount works wonders!



Hello! Here's the June (and a week of July so it's current as of this writing) E-AA Treasurer's Report.

Just calm down. I know how interesting this is.


For the period we've again dipped into our prudent reserve $91.11 despite contributions of $152.00 from members.

Our current balance is $1163.37. I've attached the June+ financial details for your review. [Attachment not included, but feel free to pm me with your email address and I will forward it.]

Being as this is a program of action, we have two ways to pass the basket:

One is Paypal, an online secure method to contribute funds using your paypal account or a
credit card. To use Paypal, you can start at the e-AA webpage here:

Or mail a check payable to "The e-AA Group" and use this address:

The e-AA Group
732 Viader Ct.
Santa Clara, CA 95050
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