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e-AA Group co-treasurers' report for July 2008

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:14 pm
by e-AA co-treasurer
co-treasurers' report for July 2008

Beginning July 2008 Balance: $1,228.28
Member Contributions: $323.84
Expenses: $231.20
Contribution to AAWS: $96.74
Contribution to OIAA: $24.18
Ending Balance for July 2008: $1,200.00, which is our prudent reserve

You may contribute using Paypal, an online secure method to contribute funds using a credit card. To use Paypal, please begin at the e-AA webpage:

Sometime in August, the e-AA group’s mailing address will change from the current PO Box to a location convenient for one of the group’s incoming co-treasurers. Until that change, you can mail seventh tradition contributions to the e-AA group’s current post office box address. Make a check payable to the e-AA Group and mail it to: The e-AA Group, PO Box 712073, San Diego, CA 92171, USA

Thank you for your financial support, and for keeping the hand of e-AA extended online.