e-AA Group co-treasurers' report for September 2007

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e-AA Group co-treasurers' report for September 2007

Postby e-AA co-treasurer » Tue Oct 02, 2007 8:07 pm

e-AA Group Treasury

Beginning September 2007 Balance: $1601.17
Member Contributions: $366.00
Expenses: $192.00
Ending Balance for September 2007: $1775.17 ($1200 of which is our prudent reserve)

September contributions more than covered the month’s expenses. Our ending balance remains above our current $1200 prudent reserve.

The e-AA Group is making decisions on sending contributions to other service entities. If you are interested in participating in this discussion, the groups’ business list is termed the “members list” and you can be subscribed by starting here: http://lists.e-aa.org/mailman/listinfo/members

The e-AA Group is self-supporting through our own contributions. If you consider yourself to be a member of AA and would like to make a Seventh Tradition contribution, please visit this page on our website: http://www.e-aa.org/group_seventh.php

If you are not an AA member, we cannot accept your financial contribution.
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