Varying the speed of progression through the steps....

Most of us who recovered with AA's program did so with the help of a "sponsor". But what is sponsorship? How do I get one? Who can be a sponsor? What makes a good sponsor?
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Re: Varying the speed of progression through the steps....

Post by Todd M » Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:59 pm

just one of my experences

a man at my home group... who could not read or write... was told to ask me...
to help him do the writen part of his 4th step...
all i did was make the columns, and write the words, legiably, for him...
so later, his sponsor could read with him at step5.
I never have asked how step5 went... and he has never offered an update.
he is still part of my home group... and its all kept private.
i do know, by the way he shares, that the steps are part of his life.
There is Hope, Todd M
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