Service with a smile!:-)

From that ten-cent phone call and a cup of coffee to AA's General Service Office. What's your take on service?
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Service with a smile!:-)

Post by dennis » Wed Oct 13, 2004 5:50 am

dennis alcoholic.

Len, our Forums Coordinator recently rotated from his service position. He also moderated 3 of our forums here. Thank you for your service to the group Len!:-)

We'll be holding an election on our members list here for the remaining term of Forums Coordinator. The suggested requirements are below.

If you are a regular forums participant, I'd encourage you to join the group here!:-) You'll meet a bunch of new friends, and will be part of a vital and growing AA outreach. If you're interested, click the little envelope icon at the top of this post, send me a private message, and lets talk!:-)

The e-AA group has a huge outreach effort going on here in cyber land. We are a small group (only 51 members on the members email list - where we conduct group business) but we have tons of irons in the fire!

A very large website featuring the "Our Stories" section. The forums here receive just tons of visits every month. A very active chat room. Email recovery and the email business meeting. A email 12 step committee. Technical services and 12 step workers for all of the above.

So! If you've never done any AA service, or have no service experience online - I'd encourage you to stand forward and help the e-AA group in it's out reach efforts. We'll learn and grow together (and also have tons of fun!:-)

If you don't have an online home group, come join us! It's going to be a grand adventure!

To join our email meetings or members email meeting, either PM me, or see this webpage:

or you can send an email to

Job description of Forums Coordinator and Moderators below.

Look forward to seeing you soon!:-)


e-AA Group Secretary

Discussion Forums Coordinator
and Discussion Forums Moderators

Coordinator, term of office: 2 years

Coordinator, suggested sobriety: 2 or more years

Coordinator, suggested previous service experience: Service at the group level, and preferably some intergroup experience, either as a group representative or through committee work. Previous General Service experience also strongly suggested.

Coordinator, other suggested qualifications: At least 3 months as a group member (including being subscribed to the group's business email list for that period of time). Familiar with AA literature pertaining to groups and service, including: "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" (the Traditions parts) and the pamphlet "The AA Group." Willing to obtain and read "The AA Service Manual," and "AA Guidelines" (the entire set). It is also strongly suggested that the coordinator obtain and read the Public Information and Cooperation With the Professional Community handbooks.

Duties and Responsibilities: Has overall responsibility for maintaining the discussion forums through commands and controls within the forums pages and through the online administration panel. Has overall responsibility for maintaining decorum within the forums. Activates new moderators and deactivates outgoing moderators. Periodically prunes old posts and
registrations. Keeps the members informed of forums activities and traffic.

Committee: The coordinator and the individual forums moderators comprise the committee. The committee determines how, when, and by what means committee members will communicate. New moderators may be selected by the committee; however it is strongly suggested that group members, through the email business list, be advised of any new moderator appointment or any other
significant changes within the forums. It is expected that the coordinator will consider any input offered from the members. Moderators are not required to subscribe to the members email list unless they plan to be available for the coordinator position.

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