2015 International Convention Logo Submission

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2015 International Convention Logo Submission

Postby jakpar » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:40 am

The OIAA convention committee has received the theme for the 2015 convention in Atlanta, GA.
We can now get busy and are opening the logo submissions to all who may be interested in submitting a design to the convention committee.
We have been working on getting a logo design ready so that we are more time sensitive to having our selves ready for our cyber suite.
We have decided to extend the logo submission until the end of December.
Please, take this back to your groups. We want this to be one of the things that all the members of online aa has an opportunity to participate with
OIAA and the international convention.

This is open to anyone whom is interested in any of our groups so pass the word.

We look forward to many submissions and input from the groups.

80 Years - Happy, Joyous and Free is the theme for this convention

We will keep the floor open for this until Dec 31, 2012. At that time we will look at the logos that have been submitted and vote for the final
selection. Keep in mind that this will be used for business cards, banner and hall sign , t-shirts and other things, soooo a jpg, or giff are the ones
that work the best for submitting for graphics. Once the graphic is submitted to the convention committee it becomes the property of that committee
and OIAA as a whole.

Please send your submissions to

Ruth H, Convention Committee Chair
Steve , Convention Committee Alt/chair
Sues B, Convention Committee Sec ...

Ruth H
OIAA convention committee chair
a little bit of tx.

For more contact info pm the poster :D

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