Two Types of Alcoholics ?

The 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, the principles that hold our groups and society together.
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Re: Two Types of Alcoholics ?

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PaigeB wrote:Heard at an AA meeting, "Your bottom is when you decide to quit digging."

She also added, "Don't worry about trying to climb outta the role, we jump down in there with you."

I like it! =biggrin

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Re: Two Types of Alcoholics ?

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curtis s wrote:I found that, perhaps because of the writing style, that I could not relate to a lot of the big book. I would say that I never drank unless I wanted to, but then at some level I always wanted to. However I have known folks who found themselves drinking even when they desparately did not want to.

Or take the idea of going to any lengths. Yes we must be willing to go to any lengths. But they don't tell us what those lengths will be. Today going to any lengths does not include going to a meeting when I am sick because I don't want to pass on my germs. (Sitting next to someone with the virus when I was noticably ill got that rather strongly brought to my attention) I don't go out to meetings in really bad snow storms unless they are close enough that I can walk home, which after my knee injury got to be a prohibitively short distance. And I don't do stuff like skip my wifes birthday to go to a meeting although if I felt close to a drink I would.

My drinking problem has been removed for the moment. My thinking problem is only partly fixed. I don't think it was any one thing that removed the compulsion to drink. It was a combination of things, the steps, the fellowship, and a bunch of things also that happened outside of AA.

The thing is none of this matters really. What matters is that I was desparate to avoid the problems that continued drinking would bring. Even if my desparation was very quiet and I had few of the outward signs yet of alcoholism like jails, institutions, homelessness and failing health. When I came to AA they did not tell me I had to be a certain way, a certain kind of alcoholic, have a certain bottom. They didn't get into the alcohol vs drug thing. They just said that I should keep coming and to listen carefully. When this seemed to be working I decided to stay.y

The BB, and AA itself, is full of contradictions. My favorite is the huge paradox in the 8th and 9th steps, that we do these steps for our benefit but they will only really work if we do them for the benefit of others. So what? Someone once said that the person who never contradicts themself probably never says much of anything interesting. I think the same thing is true here and if we get caught up in looking for contradictions we will be in real danger of losing sight of all that is important.

Your last paragraph intriqued me, thank you.

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