I miss AA

The 12 Steps are the AA program of recovery from alcoholism.

Re: I miss AA

Postby Ken S » Sun Feb 25, 2001 10:19 am

I have been to quite a number of AA meetings around the country and Canada and there are many ways that groups practice their autonomy.<BR>This is actually quite neat as the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is the same every where. <BR>My first culture shock was getting sober in CA and moving to Baltimore, MD area 3 months later. Meetings where quite different. The major difference was if you were not sober for a year you were to introduce yourself as an alcoholic and say you were just here to listen. You were to speak before and after the meetings with your sponsor and others in the parking lot and on the ride back. It was explained to me that I knew nothing about staying sober so anything I say may kill someone (heavy thought huh?). They definately had a point. But by not worrying what I had to say it made it possible to listen much better. By the end of a year I had worked the steps and was sponsoring people. <BR>If you look for the steptakers and just enjoy the meetings for what they are and concentrate on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous you will most likely get the same results I have. Freedom is so COOL. <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lynnie63:<BR><B>Thanks for writing Lynnie63,<P>Feeling all of the feelings the way we do when we are sober can be overwhelming. There are others out here that can offer hope. It does get better, if you let it.<BR>I too have traveled and find AA meeting, especially in other countries, strange. People are the same inside though and we need each other. Hang in, write often.<P>George B.<P><BR>[This message has been edited by george (edited 02-17-2001).]</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>
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