The 12 Steps are the AA program of recovery from alcoholism.


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My program, the Art of Sobriety, is to practice steps 10 and 11. Here is a generic version of what I do:

1. Find some spiritual material that touches your heart and use it for contemplation (lectio divina in technical terms). It could be the Big Book or the 12x12. But, read until a passage touches your heart. Then pause and close your eyes and see what your inner being has to tell you about that. Let the energy of that passage seep into your bones. When ready, go on. This is prayer (step 11)

2. Take your thought inventory at least daily; although a continuous awareness of negative thoughts is better. By negative thought, I mean resentments, angers, grudges, grievances, fears, shame, etc. I write mine in my journal, but then I give them to Spirit (whatever Spirit is for you). This way, I heal and don't retain the crap which hinders me from seeing God. When I am out running, this is prime time for watching my thoughts and realizing all the cruddy places my ego goes to fantasize. This is inventory (step 10).

3. I practice contemplation/meditation. Of course there are tons of instruction books on this topic. At present, I enter silence with a positive thought. I have a different thought every day and it comes from the reading material. I don't repeat it unless I notice my mind has wandered. I have a timer that goes off every five minutes, so I can't wander for very long. I sit in 15 minute increments to keep my resolve strong and to avoid needless wandering. I have found that the wandering mind can be cured. It is just a manifestation of ego which wants to keep you from Self. You can withdraw your power from the ego and place a higher value on Self. That is, I decide I want Self more than ego and thus put my power and energy into staying focused on Self. (step 11)

These three things I practice. I have alot more detail and I do follow a particular philosophy. But I am not here to convert anyone so I don't mention what it is. An atheist doing a non-spiritual practice of the above three things will find their inner peace; and that is all that matters.

Have a wonderful life and practice The Art of Sobriety!

Peace, Spirit Flower
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