Step 2 Spiritual Guidance

The 12 Steps are the AA program of recovery from alcoholism.

Re: Step 2 Spiritual Guidance

Postby maureen » Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:57 am

Lastuni wrote:
Zara wrote: I guess I never REALLY trusted the concept of the Higher Power that I had. So, now I am trying to be real and honest in my search. But I guess a part of me worries...what if I am given guidance and miss it?

So, how do YOU know when your Higher Power is "nudging you"?

All I can offer is my own experience -- I fought the concept of giving myself fully to a higher power for years. It was only recently that I finally submitted and took the step. Since doing so, I look back and since they say "hindsight is 20/20" my best SizeGenetics Review Here's My 2017 I see just how many "nudgings" my higher power gave me (and still gives me!). I always knew my higher power, and I prayed to her and asked her for guidance and wisdom so many times over the years. But I hadn't realized she was the driving force I needed to submit myself to specifically for my sobriety. She showed me so many things along the way, but I equated them with other factors in my life. When I realized that I wasn't devoting myself to her in the one area I perhaps needed her most in -- attaining and maintaining sobriety -- well, that was the moment when I gave all of myself to her. Not just the parts of me and my life that I picked and chose from. All of me. And my powerlessness over alcohol. I gave all of myself to my Triple Goddess, as she is the higher power for me, and when I finally gave her literally all of me, I sobbed like a child -- I just felt so relieved. It was as though she was there always but had been waiting for me to give myself fully.

I hope my experience is of at least some help to you.

My best advice is to pay attention to the little things. Your higher power is there, but might be sort of flying under your radar if you aren't truly paying attention. Pray as well. Even if to no one specific. you can pray and ask that your higher power come to you and that only those with genuine love and good intention reach out to you. Imagine a ball of white light starting from within you and expanding to protect your entire body. This will always keep you safe, no matter what religion or who your higher power. The white shield of protection will keep you safe. This is not medical or religious advice. It is only my personal experience and my desire to help you connect with your HP, if I can even help at all. Maybe try a journal as well, just writing whatever comes into your mind without thinking about it -- just write as it comes. Some people have a lot of success in doing that.

Keep posting and pm me any time if you'd like.

It leaves me feeling better and more refreshed. Anyone else do this?
When I say meditate I mean lie on my bed listening to guided meditation tapes that relax you and help clear your thoughts.
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Re: Step 2 Spiritual Guidance

Postby Roberth » Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:58 am

Hello Zara, My Name is Robert and I am a Los Angeles Area Alcoholic.
I wish I can tell you would see the clouds part or you will have a room light but none of that happened to me. I actually didn’t even know I did my second and third steps.
I had stopped drinking on January 1st 1992 and started going to AA and January 15th of that year. At about 80 days I ended up with a sponsor but I still wasn’t sure this AA thing was going to work for me. On March 27th the urge to drink hit me harder than ever before in my life. I told my then wife to take me to a meeting or I am going to the liquor store. She took me you a speaker/Q&A meeting that we knew about and then it happened. I heard my story coming out of someone else’s mouth. This guy lived my life a year before me down to the same village in Viet Nam. Right when and there I knew this AA would work for me and made a decision to keep coming back to AA drunk, sober or crazy. The obsession disappeared at the moment. I went and told my sponsor what happen he kindly point out that now that I did my 2nd and 3rd steps it was time to start on my 4th step. That was 25 years ago ant that obsession has not return. Sometime you just feel that spiritual awakening .
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