Very sick brother

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Very sick brother

Postby Elroy » Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:30 pm

Hey Jon,

If you're brother is an alcoholic like I am, it is more than likely his depression and mental illness is due to drinking, not the cause of the drinking.

Also, if your brother is an alcoholic like me - he'll drink until he wants to quit drinking, I doubt you will be able to reason with him. Something you might try is to offer to take him to an *open* AA meeting close to you. You can find these by looking in the white pages of your phone book under Alcoholics Anonymous and giving them a call.

A resource for *you* is the fellowship of Al Anon, which is for friends and family members of alcoholics. You will most likely find them in your phone book also, or you can try this web page which has an 800 number for the US:


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