Leaflet: This is AA. An Intro to the Recovery Programme.

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Leaflet: This is AA. An Intro to the Recovery Programme.

Postby Ken_the_Geordie » Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:29 am

This is A.A. an introduction to the A.A. recovery program

Only you can decide if you seem to be having trouble with your drinking, or if your drinking has reached the point where it worries you a bit, you may be interested in knowing something about Alcoholics Anonymous and the A.A. program of recovery from alcoholism. After reading this brief outline, you may decide that A.A. has nothing to offer you. Should this be the case, we suggest only that you keep an open mind on the subject. Consider your drinking carefully in the light of what you may learn from these pages. Determine, for yourself, whether or not alcohol has truly become a problem for you. And remember that you will always be most welcome to join the thousands of men and women in A.A. who have put their drinking problems behind them and now lead “normal” lives of constructive, day- by-day sobriety.

The full leaflet can be found here and within it, you will find an explanation of:


Who we are
What we have learned about alcoholism
Alcoholism — an illness

Here is an a few paragraphs from the leaflet:

How, then, do we manage to stay sober in such an informal, loosely knit fellowship?

The answer is that, once having achieved sobriety, we try to preserve it by observing and following the successful experience of those who have preceded us in A.A.

Their experience provides certain “tools” and guides which we are free to accept or reject, as we may choose. Because our sobriety is the most important thing in our lives today, we think it wise to follow the patterns suggested by those who have already demonstrated that the A.A. recovery program really works.

If after reading this pamphlet, you have any questions regarding any of its content, then please feel free to ask questions here, and I am sure someone will be along shortly to help you.
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