The way I drank

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The way I drank

Postby Norwejn » Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:12 am

I just posted something and it got me thinking. The following is for the benefit of the newcomer-

The way I used to drink was pure misery, especially towards the end. I have to remind myself of this to ensure that I never go back.

I was a lone wolf. Going out with my buddies, throwing a few down over a football game and having "fun"- never happened in the last 10 or so years. I gravitated to the darkest watering holes, dives- places that I could grab a seat and not be bothered with loud music, fun and merriment. Beer and whiskey, keep 'em coming. I was there not for the social aspect of it, I was there seeking out oblivion.
Day after miserable day.
Once my pump was primed, I immediately needed something else. The places I visited I could score anything-any time.
I had no dreams. My life was quite simple. Drag my sorry a$$ outta bed, drink a pot of coffee, smoke a half dozen cigarettes, shower, go to work, watch the clock for 8-10 hours, get off and find the oblivion I needed to cope with every day life.

So when I say that my future was 'narrow', I mean that there was no hope for an end to this cycle. There was little doubt in my mind that I would die a miserable drunk, with nothing to show for my time here among humanity.

Alcoholics Anonymous injected a huge dose of hope in my life. I encountered a community of people, just like myself that was seeking a better life. After doing what was suggested, I was led to a higher power.
THIS was my purpose in my life- to walk among people fearless, because I had God with me at all times. I was now free to admire the wonderment of this life, to love people and to share this gift with others!

I doubt that there are many of us who don't share this story. I hear MY story allll the time in my travels. If you are new, and this sounds familiar, you owe yourself a better life. This is not a fairy tale. True, meaningfull happiness and glory is right around the corner...
" matter how far down the scale we have fallen, we can see how our experience can benefit others...that feeling of uselessness and self-pity will leave us..."
When we drew near to Him he disclosed Himself to us!
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