dealing with stress

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Re: dealing with stress

Postby Dave S » Thu Sep 13, 2001 12:48 am

Hi Kathie,<P>I am still listening to you. <P>I'm hearing things are still pretty messed up for you.<BR>I heard you when you said that you haven't drank for quite a while, but you can't find any serenity. I heard you when you said that you've never had a sponsor and that you aren't working the 12 steps.<P>I heard you when you said that fear is crippling you as much — if not more than — your many physical problems. I heard you when you said that it is physically difficult for you to get to meetings.<P>And I hear you now when you say you've found a "solution" in your pain pills today.<P>Please tell me if I didn't hear any of these things correctly.<P>I can't help but wonder: Do you want help? Or are you really pretty happy with the way things are going for you?<BR> <BR>Did you try any of the resources I suggested to you? If you did and they didn't work can we try to find something else for you?<P>You've taken the time to post your messages at an AA site. You said you've been around AA on and off since 1993? I'm guessing you know what we have to offer you. Are you tired enough of the way things are to let us try to help you? One big reason we're here is because we care about all suffering alcoholics — whether they are drinking or not. We'll do what we can for you — but you're going to have to somehow set aside your fear and make some decisions. Only you can decide if you want to work to change your life.<P>You can contact me again through the private email if you want. Or you can privately contact any of the other names you see on the forum posts.<P>We are listening to you. We do care.<BR>I hope you keep coming back.
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Re: dealing with stress

Postby Dean C » Thu Sep 13, 2001 8:11 am

Kathie, our hearts are with you. Not much to add to Dave's suggestions. It does sound as if it's time to make some decisions about what you want your life to be, at least your emotional and spiritual life.<P>Glad you are here, and looking forward to hearing more from you,<P>Dean
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