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Celebrating Our Big Book

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 2:52 pm
by Jojo2
Big Book Special Summer Offer–               A.A.W.S. Celebrating Our Big Book

" In an effort to continue sharing the message of our Big Book through this difficult time,  are pleased to announce a Big Book Special Summer Offer.

With the gradual re-opening of groups and service offices, it is hoped there will be renewed interest in our literature, not only to help fund the Twelfth Step work we all do,but also to get our literature into the hands of those who may need it.
Beginning July 1st and continuing until September 30th, all orders of our basic text, Alcoholics Anonymous, can be purchased in any format and any language at an additional 10% off. 

This offer may be combined with other existing offers or discounts. 

The Big Book is available in multiple formats — hardcover and softcover, abridged and unabridged, and a new ASL video — and in many other languages as well. This offer is available for all orders large and small for hardcovers, softcovers, pocket editions, ASL videos, Braille, ebook and more! 

Purchases can be made through

Members are encouraged to obtain A.A. literature through local groups, committees, Intergroups and Central Offices in order to provide support."