Anyone succeed after multiple failures?

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Anyone succeed after multiple failures?

Post by Frosty »


I’m just looking for some hope, really. I’ve tried to stop drinking so many times- sometimes I manage a few months, sometimes only a few days.

I want to stop but part of me is saying that it will only end in failure again so why bother?

I would love to hear from someone who had failed before and then been successful, just to know it’s possible. Even just a post saying “yes, me”. I haven’t done AA before.

Thank you.
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Re: Anyone succeed after multiple failures?

Post by avaneesh912 »

Welcome to e-AA. I have tried staying stopped many times before and finally sought help. It was on of the shrinks I saw who after hearing my story, suggested, I seek a spiritual solution via AA. I didnt know much what it meant to be an alcoholic and what a spiritual solution will look like. But I can say after embracing the fact that I am alcoholic and the reminder of 12 steps of AA, using the power I tapped into, I have managed to live a sober live past 13 years and still going strong. But I have to work on the spiritual aspect everyday so I can experience all the promises mentioned in the book Alcoholics Anonymous.
Show him the mental twist which leads to the first drink of a spree. We suggest you do this as we have done it in the chapter on alcoholism.(Alcoholics Anonymous, Page 92)
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Re: Anyone succeed after multiple failures?

Post by Brock »

Hi Frosty, I would even say that failing is part of the deal, our literature speaks about trying to stop on our own and failing, if you don’t fail you don’t need the solution that AA offers. I failed over and over for about 30 years, even going to AA meetings I still failed, because I just went and didn’t do the things they said I should, (the 12 steps).

But when I finally accepted that I was beaten and did them, I found they were not half as hard to do as I imagined, and not only did the urge to drink disappear, but I have found a life better than I ever imagined. The literature says ‘bottles were only a symptom,’ the steps treat the reasons we drank in the first place, then we have no reason to drink and a side effect of smiling a lot.

Have no fear about meetings, just some nice folks drinking coffee and talking, and if you have several meetings in your area try different ones, find where you are most comfortable. And the meetings are mainly important at first, once you do the steps you can back off a bit, I go once, or sometimes twice a week now, and it’s something I have come to quite enjoy. I will put up links to some literature, the stuff from the big book is written in sort of an ‘old style,’ but the facts and solution is there. Please feel free to ask any other questions, or make any comments, it’s nice to have you here.

Is A.A. For You – 12 Questions. ... can-answer

A Brief Guide To AA.

Three Chapters From The Big Book-

1.The Doctors Opinion. ... pinion.pdf

2.There Is A Solution.

3.More About Alcoholism.

A.A. Meeting Finder.
A.A. Near You.
"Good morning, this is your Higher Power speaking. I will not be needing your help today."
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Re: Anyone succeed after multiple failures?

Post by PaigeB »

I had a few touches with AA back in my younger days. Then I went 17 years - the entire lives of my children - drinking not-so-functionally. I eventually chose AA in my 40's because I didn't want to die an ugly liver death, but I wish that I had offered my 4 kids more than just a part-time mom. That is just not how it happened for me I guess.

On August 1st, 2009 I set my sights on 3 months without a drink and I haven't left yet! I haven't found it necessary to take a drink either. I went to meetings every day of the week so I would know what (and who) was in my city and that was A LOT of meetings - day and night! I got a sponsor and started reading the Big Book with her and doing the 12 STEPs.
The Steps are the KEY to my long term sobriety. Those ~ and having a whole new life full of friends and activities and love!

Keep coming back isn't for people who already know they are staying... it is for those who struggle. We don't shoot our wounded. Don't give up hope. Throw in all your chips and give AA a real try - that's what worked for me.
Cling to the thought that, in God's hands, the dark past is the greatest possession you have - the key to life and happiness for others. With it you can avert death and misery for them. page 124 BB
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Re: Anyone succeed after multiple failures?

Post by ebear »

I take great encouragement from your post, Paige.
If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're headed.
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Re: Anyone succeed after multiple failures?

Post by maurits »

Frosty wrote: Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:06 pm I would love to hear from someone who had failed before and then been successful, just to know it’s possible.
yes me

yes it's possible

in my case: through the spiritual program of AA

through effective spiritual experiences

step by step one day at a time

often slowly but suddenly realizing that it does add up
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