''Help me, I'm drowning!''

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''Help me, I'm drowning!''

Postby Timothy3012 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:43 pm

Hey all,

I heard someone share a story along these lines at a meeting tonight and decided to elaborate on it and post it as it really nails recovery so well...

''Ronnie was alone. All around him in every direction all he could see was ocean and waves, no matter which way he looked the view was the same. He wasn't sure how he had gotten himself into this situation, but he was sure that his strength was beginning to fail and he was in serious trouble. He began to go under the water and desperately fought to stay above the water line. All he could think about was staying alive at any cost. Terror gripped him as he realized it was very likely he was about to die. Suddenly, as he gasped for air after being hit in the face by another violent wave, he saw 3 men approaching him...He was confused as they seemed to be floating about 3 feet above the ocean and lookd dry and safe from the waves. As they came up alongside him he was too terrified to ask any questions but simply screamed for help. One of the men reached down and grabbed his arm, pulling him into the invisible boat and out of the water.

Ronnie sprawled out onto what felt like the floor of a boat - even though he couldn't see any boat - he was drenched and his his lungs were panting for desperately needed oxygen. As he began to calm down he looked up at this strange scene of 3 men and him, seemingly floating above the water. His intellect told him it wasn't possible, he must be hallucinating due to the traumatic ordeal he had just been through.

Suspicious, but curious, Ronnie asked ''What's going on here?! How the hell are we floating above the water? What do I need to do to not go back in? Tell me, quick!''

One of the other men in the boat, of similar age to Ronnie, explained ''All you need to do is pick up an oar and start rowing with us. There's others out there who are still drowning just like you were and who need our help.''

Ronnie looked around and could see no boat, no oars or apparently any logic or sense. He thought to himself ''These guys are insane! This thing is never going to keep me out of the water. No, no, I stand a better chance back in the water and waiting for someone else to come along in a REAL boat!'' ... without saying a word, Ronnie jumped over the side of the boat he could not see and back into the ocean. The men shouted after him, but he ignored them and decided he was much safer away from these lunatics.

He began to go under again. Turning madly in circles, he just KNEW a real boat had to come along any minute now, but where were they?! His strength was beginning to fail once more and the terror he felt before settled back into his stomach in a painful knot. He was in serious trouble now. ''What have I done?!'' Ronnie shouted to himself, ''It didn't make any sense but at least those men were somehow out of the water!'' He began to swim after the invisible boat and screamed with what little strength he had left. One of the men turned and saw him and they all yelled for him to swim, swim for his life.

Gasping, exhausted and this time even nearer to death, Ronnie was again pulled into the boat. This time he didn't ask any questions but instead frantically felt around the invisible floor for the oar they mentioned last time. He couldn't find it! He looked up at the other men in a panic and one of them said ''It's just to the left of your hand, that's it, grab it...'' Suddenly Ronnie felt something, it was the oar! He grabbed it with all his strength and then started to row. With each stroke the invisible boat started to become visible. First the front of the boat, then the sides, the floor...Ronnie couldn't believe it. He looked up in amazement at the other men who all just smiled knowingly and nodded for him to keep on rowing.

Ronnie was so excited that he threw the oar down and jumped up, shouting and dancing at how happy he was to be saved - even though it didn't make any logical sense to him. All of a sudden, the boat began to disappear again! Ronnie was horrified. He looked to the others on the boat in complete desperation. Just as the final piece of the boat was about to turn invisible again, one of the men shouted ''Grab the fekking oar and start rowing again! You can't stop rowing or the boat disappears. I know because it happened to me only two days ago and I almost ended up back in the sea!''

Ronnie did what was suggested and, just as the man had promised, the boat began to reappear. That feeling of excitement and joy again returned, but this time Ronnie kept his arse firmly stuck to the seat and kept rowing. As he rowed, another feeling started to settle in, one he had never felt before and could not quite put his finger on. He felt safe. Ronnie tried to explain what he was feeling, ''That's peace of mind, that is,'' said one of the other men with a warm, loving smile on his face. ''It takes a little while for us to get used to but there's nothing in the world like it!''

Before Ronnie had too much time to start questioning his sanity, one of the other men yelled ''New guy, grab that man in the water coming up on our left, he's about to go under!''

Ronnie turned and reached out his arm instinctively, grabbing the man's hand and pulling with all his strength to get him into the boat. The man flopped onto the floor, just as Ronnie had done only moments before. Ronnie recognized the look of terror and bewilderment in the man's eyes and started to reassure him, ''Don't worry, I know these guys seem nuts but I promise you there is a boat underneath us and if you just...'' Ronnie was cut short as the man, after grabbing a few breaths and just a little rest, jumped back over the side of the boat! Ronnie was shocked. ''Why would someone do something so foolish?!'' He shouted to the other men, only remembering after he had said this that he had done the exact same thing only moments before.

The other men indicated for Ronnie to keep rowing and explained to him there were others out there drowning who would give anything to get into this boat. Ronnie felt this was cruel and they should stop the boat and wait for the poor man to come to his sense. Surely they could reason with him while they all stayed still. The others explained that this was not possible. They HAD to find the others who wanted to survive AND were prepared to row with them so they could row faster and find more people to bring into the boat. Ronnie finally consented and figured these guys had been doing this longer than he had - he needed to trust what they suggested as everything they had said so far seemed to be pretty damn helpful!

Ronnie couldn't help but take one last look over his shoulder, hoping deep down that the man had been picked up by another boat and was OK. Ronnie looked carefully, squinting against the harsh sun over the ocean...but there was no other boat. There was no man. All Ronnie could see was the vast, empty and violent ocean. The man was gone. Slowly, Ronnie turned forward again and picked up the pace with his rowing. ''That's what always seems to happen to those who jump back in. We've had about 10 of them go back already and we've only been in this boat 2 weeks. We've never seen any other boats come along.''

Ronnie looked forward and saw a hand waving out of the water about 100 metres up ahead, ''There's another one!'' Ronnie shouted, ''Let's pick up the pace lads!'' ... The other 3 men simply smiled and began to row harder.
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Re: ''Help me, I'm drowning!''

Postby Brock » Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:09 am

Welcome here Timothy, a very nice story and AA lesson well written. I would have added a few more lines to show my experience, and the books promises, that the hard rowing work is needed at first, but that it gets easier.

Then the men told Ronnie there was a method to make rowing less difficult, and more enjoyable. They showed him twelve ways to make rowing easier, and when he got to number twelve they said it was time to get his own boat. He found it got easier still the more he practiced, it got so easy it seemed like his boat had an engine with a higher power, and once he put in the fuels marked 10 11 & 12, Ronnie and his boat effortlessly traveled the AA seas, and picked up many stranded sailors, and Ronnie was the happiest person on earth.
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