Figuring out if someone's an alcoholic

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Re: Figuring out if someone's an alcoholic

Postby Duke » Mon Jan 16, 2017 4:28 pm

Welcome. While it is perfectly understandable and acceptable for you to express your concern from a place of love, one thing I've learned beyond a shadow of a doubt is that other's drinking in none of my business. There's a couple of reasons for this.

First, my opinion is often wrong and caused by factors that are unrelated to the person. Second, it's been my experience that alcoholics usually abandon anyone who bugs them about their drinking until they're ready to address it. There are exceptions, but the rule usually holds.

I've dealt with several alcoholics who were close to me. In each case, I let them know whenever possible that I loved them and stood ready to help them in any way I could to move in a positive direction in their lives. Some of these conversations took place when they were asking me to bail them out of jail, some when they were complaining about the hangover and some when they were gripping about their spouse or parent bugging them about their drinking. In each case, I avoided offering my opinion on their drinking, but made sure they knew I would be there if they needed me to move forward in a positive direction.

Good luck to you.
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