New to e-AA. Is there such thing as an online sponsor?

New to AA? Got questions? Here's the place to ask. Note that no one person speaks "officially" for AA. AA meetings in your local area are always the best source of information. Note that anyone may post and reply to messages in this forum.

New to e-AA. Is there such thing as an online sponsor?

Postby Beetlejuice » Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:25 am

New to e-AA. Is there such thing as an online sponsor?

Hi all. I'm brand new to this. I want to be off the roller coaster & be "normal" again. I like the idea of having a sponsor, but as life has it, I can't attend meetings in person or have a sponsor in the are online sponsors a thing?
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Re: New to e-AA. Is there such thing as an online sponsor?

Postby Brock » Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:42 am

Welcome Beetlejuice. This is the link with which you can request the online sponsor assistance -
I have heard some folks complain recently that the response was not as immediate as they had hoped, so you may need a little patience.

Another thing, purely from my own experience here. You are going to be encouraged to go to meetings, there are instances where this really is not possible, such as being bedridden or living somewhere that has no meetings. But most of those who say they can't go it's because of fear of being recognized, loosing their job, social anxiety, or a combination of these and other things. All things we feared ourselves, but learned our fears were completely unfounded. Also meetings are not a life sentence, although most AA's end up finding them enjoyable and go anyway, it really is easier going through the steps with a live person, then you can pretty well do as you please. Once you continue to live the way the program suggests, the problem is eliminated and you won't crave a drink, meetings are more or less optional at that stage.

I expect others will be along to encourage you, please keep in mind that this program is not just a release from the urge to drink, it has side benefits like a cool and serene life, best of luck.
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Re: New to e-AA. Is there such thing as an online sponsor?

Postby Roberth » Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:31 am

Hello Beetlejuice and welcome to E-AA, My name is Robert and I am a Los Angeles area alcoholic. Yes you can have an online sponsor and yes there are online meeting as well. We also have a loners international you can sign up at ... g-lim-desk.
If you are here in the states send me a private message and I will give you my email and phone #
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