Donations at AA meetings

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Re: Donations at AA meetings

Postby Leonard(o), Puerto Rico » Mon Dec 16, 2002 9:20 am

Hi Jem, and welcome to can tell you that "we are self-supporting, through our own contributions" and decline outside a AA TRADITION (the 7th one). I can also share my personal experience/habits when putting money in the "basket." I sometimes give $1 and sometimes I give more than one depends. I belong to a rather new group that pays rent to a church...when we started this new group (about two years ago) there were only five or six of us at the meeting once a week. During that time I put more money in the basket, than I normally would, because I appreciated the new meeting was adding a lot to my made huge difference to the "quality of my program." Now, that one meeting has become two a week and usually has over 20 people attending each...the money is paying for our rent, AA Literature (which we put out money for but get back most of the time through "sales" of literature at cost), A regular contribution to GSO in New York and a regular contribution to the Puerto Rican Central Office in Bayamon. We keep a "prudent reserve" of around $50. We also pay for coffee and "birthday cakes," from our general meeting collections.<P>I always contribute in different amounts at different sometimes depends on my ability to be extra generous or not.<P>Thanks for sharing, keep coming back and keep "posting" at the FORUM...we are glad to have you here.<P>Len :cool:
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Re: Donations at AA meetings

Postby Susan » Mon Dec 16, 2002 6:01 pm

Welcome to the forums, Gem ! ;) <P>Happy Trails !
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