Being agnostic and AA

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Re: Being agnostic and AA

Postby curtis s » Mon Dec 16, 2002 8:38 pm

Hi Jem and congratualtions<P>You have probably read some of the other posts about welcome to your life and etc. All true...<P>My suggestions about your first meeting are to listen as carefully as you can. No doubt you will hear something you disagree with which is fine, the opinions are merely those of the person giving them. But hopefully you will hear something valuable. If you listen to how people felt it may be more helpful than comparing your situation to their's. Most of us have listened to someone and said "I never did that" and wondered if we belonged. The reply of course is "not yet"<P>Don't worry about the God thing. In time you will be able to give this more thought but for now just not drinking for today is a full plate. Some of us define God as Good Orderly Direction or Group Of Drunks. When we refer to a higher power it may be God but it could also be the group. Some of the people in A.A. have serious disagreements with organized religion. The key thing is that God is not me.<P>Try to relax. Everyone there went to their first meeting once and we usually remember how it felt rather vividly. Most people will treat you accordingly.<P><BR>As my friend Gene used to say "there are no stupid questions about a disease that will kill you" So ask away<P>About the money, around here we usually put in a dollar. Folks from institutions usually donate no money. If you ask one of the people in the meeting about this it will not be considered a stupid question.<P>Let us know how it goes.<P>Curt<p>[ 12-16-2002: Message edited by: curt ]
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