Feeling better!!

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Feeling better!!

Post by Oilyragjo »

Its been 11 days since I had my last drink. I know I have a long way to go before my life is really sorted as alcohol lost me alot of things in my life on the account I put that 1st before everything. The main difference now is I'm putting my sobriety 1st. which hopefully in time will allow me to make more informed and less chaotic choices lol!!!

Trying to stay sane one day at a time :lol:

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Re: Feeling better!!

Post by desypete »

well done on 11 days

for me i need the fellowship of aa to keep me sane its why i still go to meetings at least 3 times a week and have done for years, i found that being mongst my own kind of people who think like me, so long as i am honest i get direction in my life or ideas that i would never be able to think of left on my own, i would very often lose the plot and be full of all sorts of emotions that are very powerful things that would drive me, my selfishness knows no bounds but in an aa room i can get to see the reality of things
i know it all sound far fetched and weird at this moment in time for you but it what i have come to believe in, i see aa now as my medication for my illness it really has done wonders for me and for many others to from the program to the book to my sponsor to aa members its all played its part and of course these days its service work and giving back etc

so i could only say to you give the meetings a try and find out for yourself what is on offer there as there is no need to try to cope on your own anymore

well done and good luck to you

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Re: Feeling better!!

Post by Reborn »

Congrats on 11 days!! It gets better and better. I agree that sobriety should be number 1. The way it worked for me is taking action one day at a time and work the steps thoroughly and honestly from the very start. Meetings are important for me but the true miracle didn't really happen for me until I put my whole heart into working the program beautifully laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. As I took the actions suggested I started to move from the outside to the inside of AA and actually be a part of. I remember asking my sponsor "When should I start working the steps?" and he said "When you are ready to be free of yourself dumb a**!" At first that hurt my little feelers but today that couldn't be more true.
We have recovered, and have been given the power to help others. BB pg 132

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