The most ridiculous things are triggering

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The most ridiculous things are triggering

Post by lizak »

I live in a college town, so the constant barrage of billboards (did you know tht XX brand has come out with a new flavour?) and radio ads for bars is a given. But I'm finding myself triggered by the most ridiculous things. A TV series (with non-boozy content) that premiered during some very dark times. . . topics in the humor forum here. I'm ordinarily do not consider myself much of a sensitve sally, and it's not as if I'm gonna let it make me drink, but feeling triggered is uncomfortable. Arrrrggh.

Oh, I suppose I should qualify this as a "newcomers" post by pointing out that I have 98 days.

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Re: The most ridiculous things are triggering

Post by Lali »

Congrats on 98 days!! You will get used to the triggers.
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Re: The most ridiculous things are triggering

Post by JohnElkRiver »

Congratulations on the 98 days. You'll find lots of things changing now. I seem to recall 90 days was around the time that my dead emotions started coming back to life but spurting our in strange ways. This might be some side effect of your state of being coming back to normal. The best advice I can offer is that since it is a power greater than ourselves that can restore us to sanity. Stay close to whatever or whomever is your higher power and all is usually taken care of and times like this pass. Best of luck.


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Re: The most ridiculous things are triggering

Post by derek »

Well done ,98days takes some doing, every day a year,myself I walked every where and I noticed I could smell a drink whether it was mixed up with stale smoke @ 1/2 a mile and adverts seemed to jump out & much more noticable seeming to say to me look look I am here, but it passed I am glad to say, I just made sure I got to a meeting. take care derek

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Re: The most ridiculous things are triggering

Post by ann2 »

Great to read you. My whole life was a trigger :-) lol well, it helped to wake up early and get my head straight with some quiet time. Stopped me reacting to everything coming at me and relating more to what was inside, which was more constant.

Big hugs!

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Re: The most ridiculous things are triggering

Post by CGPoolman »

Congrats on the 98 days! What helped me thru the first few months was finding new things to do in my down time. I needed to find a way to channel the time & energy devoted to drinking to do other things. Obviously, get to meetings. Even if you can't get to one every day, the positive vibe you'll get there will help you keep your head on straight. It helped me to pick up some new habits to help ditch the old ones: I started an exercise program in the mornings, and instead of drinking in the evenings I started walking the dogs after dinner. Read some books, or maybe get into a new TV show. I bought season 1 of Breaking Bad and ended up watching the first 4 seasons in about 2 months time LOL!! I'm working on watching all the seasons of Dexter now. Those DVD sets are great for the nights you're stuck at home without much to do. Making a few small changes to your routine can really help you to enjoy living a sober lifestyle.


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Re: The most ridiculous things are triggering

Post by PaigeB »

Ann said:
My whole life was a trigger
:lol: :lol: :lol: Oh girl, you crack me up! But yeah - mee too. I can't buy into the "triggers" idea. I would not be able to move out of bed and that would be a trigger too. Page 84 (right after the Promises) says "We ceased fighting anyone and anything, even alcohol."

It will come with time. Just don't drink before the miracle!
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