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by PaigeB
Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:25 pm
Forum: For the Newcomer
Topic: I Don't Know Where To Start
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Re: I Don't Know Where To Start

Hello, my name is Lindsay and I have been sober for less than a week. I was also laid off recently as a restaurant worker because of covid-19. I have been struggling with my addiction off and on for many years and I believe that this is where the bucks stops. I am tired. I want nothing more than to...
by PaigeB
Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:17 pm
Forum: A.A. Birthdays!
Topic: 30 years¡
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Re: 30 years¡

I celebrated 30 years yesterday. They said it couldn't be done without a belief in God so as an atheist I am here to let other like minded members of aa that it can be done! I have no issues with religion or the spirituality that most in aa speak of but, for me I had to find a different way. I did ...
by PaigeB
Mon Mar 30, 2020 1:15 pm
Forum: Guest Book
Topic: Thank you
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Re: Thank you

My name is Catie and I am an alcoholic, I am so glad that AA is alive on the internet. I usually attend face to face meeting, but the Covid-19 has shut them down, for now. I love my sober life and want to keep it that way. Thanks for being here for me. :D Glad you are here catie! Peace to you. All ...
by PaigeB
Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:24 pm
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Meditations Practical Rewards
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Re: Meditations Practical Rewards

SO many guided meditations available via the internet these days. Browse and find a voice to lead you in "Loving compassion meditation" or whatever ideas you might have for narrowing search options... male guided or female guided or pagan guided or christian guided meditations.
by PaigeB
Fri Mar 27, 2020 3:09 pm
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Acceptance
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Re: Acceptance

Mike O wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:51 pm
It’s my favourite story too. Dr Paul O has written a couple of books, one of which I’ve read and has helped me, entitled “You Can’t Make Me Angry”
I read that too!
by PaigeB
Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:53 pm
Forum: Big Book Study
Topic: Mental Obsession
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Re: Mental Obsession

retired baker wrote:
Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:46 pm
I found it very helpful to completely ignore my own mind.
The book says "abandon yourself", yep.
Cool !! Thanks for sharing a new definition on an often heard phrase!
by PaigeB
Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:48 pm
Forum: Sponsorship
Topic: First sponsor but not going well
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Re: First sponsor but not going well

Soberguy27 wrote:
Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:39 pm
I'll have 30 years on the 28th of this month
Wooohooo CONGRATS! :D :) :o =surprised =sad =biggrin :evil: :wink: :mrgreen: :shock: :lol: :) :P =smile =confused 8) =geek :idea: :arrow:
by PaigeB
Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:28 pm
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Thank God for AA
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Re: Thank God for AA

Edst456 wrote:
Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:57 pm
I need a meeting. :lol:
There is a daily reflection post here every day at
by PaigeB
Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:21 pm
Forum: Guest Book
Topic: Online meetings
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Re: Online meetings

Hi Lambermk! Our Forums venue is well worth a look as you can read and contribute whenever you wish. You will find an extensive range of recovery topics, suggestions for working the Twelve Steps, a forum for newcomers and much more. You can subscribe here to our email Reco...
by PaigeB
Tue Mar 24, 2020 2:34 pm
Forum: For the Newcomer
Topic: Almost 2 weeks sober but craving wine
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Re: Almost 2 weeks sober but craving wine

ctiller wrote:
Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:09 am
Glad to hear you beat it that day. One day at a time is how I'm approaching it, along w/mtgs & recovery groups. I'm seven wks sober & some days are easier than others. Just keep up what you're doing & did. Never hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Kudos to you. God bless.
Welcome ctiller!
by PaigeB
Tue Mar 24, 2020 1:46 pm
Forum: Discussions
Topic: GSO Update on Coronavirus
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Re: GSO Update on Coronavirus

Thank you so much JoJo! I went to my first Virtual meeting of my homegroup last night. It was SO good to see faces! Of course it was missing the usual "chemistry" of sorts, but I love them all so much. It was SO Healing and hopeful to try it out - against my fear of technology and disdain for my pho...
by PaigeB
Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:09 pm
Forum: Discussions
Topic: One Week Sober Today!
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Re: One Week Sober Today!

JQuick72 wrote:
Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:40 pm
Day 8 today for me !

I got through my first weekend, which I knew was gonna be the hardest test and am glad to say I’m 8 days sober .
Congrats on getting that behind you! You never have to do it again - unless you have other plans! :mrgreen:
by PaigeB
Sat Mar 21, 2020 1:42 pm
Forum: For the Newcomer
Topic: I don't know where to begin
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Re: I don't know where to begin

Layne wrote:
Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:50 pm
...what do you mean that other people aren't preoccupied with me!!!.
LMAO - ME TOO! :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: =smile :shock: :wink: 8) :lol: :idea:
by PaigeB
Fri Mar 20, 2020 2:24 pm
Forum: If It Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else
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by PaigeB
Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:51 pm
Forum: Discussions
Topic: Zoom Meeting?
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Re: Zoom Meeting?

There are lots of zoom meeting popping up from my local f2f AA. I missed this and I missed their fist meeting last night. I imagine I will hit on of those sooner or later - check your local f2f AA to set one up near you!