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Listkeeper and Listkeeping Team (Traditionally a Technical Team)

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Listkeeper, term of office: 1 year

Suggested sobriety: 2 or more years

Suggested qualifications: At least 3 months subscribed to the group's business email list and 3 months activity participating in with the Listkeeping Team.

Suggested Trusted Servant Willingness

Listkeeper Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Maintain the mailing software program (currently Mailman), using the web interface Plesk update tool for creating, modifying, and removing list functionality only.

2. Maintenance of lists and their associated functionality.

3. Coordinate service of other members to perform Listkeeper functions (e.g. subscription / un-subscription / maintenance / list backups etc) as members of the Listkeeping team.

4. Reports to membership as needed when significant changes occur.

Listkeeping Team:

The Listkeeper and the Listkeeping Team comprise a listkeeping committee. The committee determines how, when, and by what means committee members will communicate. New team members may be selected by the committee; however it is suggested that group members, through the email business list, be advised of any new appointment or any other significant changes within the team.

Committee members are not required to subscribe to the members email list unless they plan to be available for the Listkeeper position.


Introduction > General eAA Concepts > Procedures > Guidelines > Positions

Added: 01/27/13 Modified: 03/05/13


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