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Chat Coordinator (CC) Chat Committee [ChatCom]

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***** This Position is currently unused due to the venue is closed while out website is undergoing a reconstruction.  *****


CC term of office: 1 year

Suggested sobriety: 5 or more years

Suggested qualifications: At least 3 months subscribed to the group's business email list and 3 months activity participating in the chatrooms and chatcom.

Suggested Trusted Servant Willingness

CC Duties and Responsibilities:

Overall responsibility for maintaining the chatrooms through commands and controls within the chat venue software and the admin toolbox panel. The CC may select from willing Monitors, and willing ChatCom members to complete the following duties. The CC retains the responsibility for their completion.

1. Maintains the meeting schedules, formats, readings, and FAQ.

2. Maintain the ChatCom committee (a) to facilitate communication; (b) to provide assistance to chatroom users; and (c) to respond to abuse reports.

3. Conducts regular Monitor meetings with the CC/Monitors, and reports the general summary outcomes to ChatCom members.

4. Selects new Monitors (Consultation with current Monitors is encouraged).

5. Submit at least one report a month to the Members business meeting of activities, traffic and significant changes.

6. Maintains decorum in our chatrooms.

7. Conducts server maintenance.

The ChatCom Committee:

The committee comprises of the following: The CC, Monitors, Chairs, Greeters, and Technical Helpers 

ChatCom members suggested sobriety:

Monitors, 1 or more years; Chairs, 90 or more days; Greeters, 30 or more days

It is suggested that Monitors, Chairs, and Greeters be chosen from among those frequently participating in the chatrooms.

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Introduction > General eAA Concepts > Procedures > Guidelines > Positions

Added: 01/27/13 Modified: 02/27/18


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