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Discussions, Motions, Voting

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Whenever possible, issues should be discussed and resolved without formal "yes" or "no" votes. The goal is to arrive at apparent substantial unanimity by discussing all sides of an issue.

All subscribers to the business list have a voice in group affairs. In the interest of establishing a fully informed group conscience, new members may only vote on a motion if they have joined the e-AA Members List at the time the discussion period began for consideration of said motion.

Formal motions may be made at any time by any voting member. A motion should include a rationale, stating why the action described in the motion should be taken. Formal motions require a second.

Housekeeping motions may be made by any Trusted Servant based on a need identified in a report to the members. If there are no objections to a housekeeping motion, it is considered passed. Any member may object to a housekeeping motion, and need not give a reason for the objection. After an objection, the housekeeping motion moves to the business agenda as new business. Discussion and voting, if necessary, follows.

When voting is required, for example, in the case of elections, the Secretary will decide whether the vote will be by email ballot or online web ballot.

Any voting member may appeal any decision of the Secretary. Decisions may be overturned by substantial unanimity or by the Secretary rescinding the decision.

After any discussion, and prior to voting, the Secretary will provide a summary of the discussion, stating the main arguments, pro and con.

After any vote on a motion, the Secretary will ask for minority opinion. After minority opinion is heard, the Secretary will ask whether there is a motion to reconsider. Such a motion must be made and seconded by members who voted in the majority.


Introduction > General eAA Concepts > Procedures > Guidelines > Positions

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