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The Business Meeting & Decorum

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The Business Meeting

All issues that may affect The e-AA Group are discussed in the business meeting, which is an mailing list for all who consider themselves group members.

All discussions are led by the group secretary using "Chair's Rules." Essentially, that means applying the A.A. principles to A.A. business affairs. The overriding principle in all matters is fairness. At the beginning of a term of office, each secretary should make it clear how he or she will conduct business. 


The e-AA Group meetings and venues respect general basic "Netiquette"

We ask that all participants keep in mind that everyone who is on the list shares responsibility with our secretary for keeping the meeting in order. From time to time, the secretary will make provision for open sharing of ideas and general comments, so as to allow spontaneity from the members.

Please maintain tolerance and patience for others. Self expression is encouraged, but please take the time to phrase your replies to address the issues at hand, not the individuals with whom you may disagree.

Also, please refrain from including the members in private spats. The business meeting is not the place to provoke people or to manipulate support. Such posts only serve to disrupt the meeting and add unnecessarily to the volume of mail for everyone.


Introduction > General eAA Concepts > Procedures > Guidelines > Positions

Added: 01/27/13 Modified: 03/05/13


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