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Position: Archivist   (added May 2015)

Term of office: 1 year

Note: Position may be held concurrently with another elected position in e-AA.

Suggested sobriety: 1 or more years

Suggested qualifications: At least 6 months subscribed to the group's business email list.

Suggested previous experience: service at the group level, intergroup level, or General Service experience.

Suggested Trusted Servant willingness as named in this page

Duties and responsibilities: Preservation of monthly reports and other items recording group history, operations and significant changes. The Archivist would be responsible for the provision, care and management of the collection.

Monthly reports: After trusted servants submit their monthly reports, the Archivist will put them together editing for grammar and format if necessary.  This compilation will be emailed to the business meeting for review.  The group members will be offered the opportunity during this review to voice any objections to this compilation reflecting the group conscience.

In the event of an objection to any wording in a report, the report in question will be removed from the compilation while discussion proceeds in the business meeting. The group will arrive at a consensus regarding whatever was objected to, either by utilizing new wording or determining that the original wording was acceptable according to a housekeeping motion or a full vote if necessary using simple majority.​

Once approved, the compilation will be posted to an e-AA domain page which is accessible to group members only.  This access is not limited to subscribers to the e-AA business meeting, but is available to anyone who considers him or herself a member of the e-AA group.

Introduction > General eAA Concepts > Procedures > Guidelines > Positions

Added: 06/04/15 Modified: 06/04/15


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