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The A.A. Way of Life

Dec 18

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 As Bill Sees It is copyrighted by AA World Services Inc and reprinted with permission.
As Bill Sees It  #169

"Learning Never Ends"

"My experience as an old timer has to some degree paralleled your own and that of many others. We all find that the time comes when we are not allowed to manage and conduct the functional affairs of groups, areas, or, in my case, A.A. as a whole. In the end we can only be worth as much as our spiritual example has justified. To that  extent, we become useful symbols -- and that's just about it."

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"I have become a pupil of the A.A. movement rather than the teacher I once thought I was."

1. LETTER, 1964

2. LETTER, 1949

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update by TM for Dec 18 -  As Bill Sees It #169

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