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Tuesday Night in England Meeting

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How persistently we claim the right to decide all by
ourselves just what we shall think and just how we shall act


If I accept and act upon the advice of those who have made
the program work for themselves, I have a chance to
outgrow the limits of the past. Some problems will shrink
to nothingness, while others may require patient, well thought-
out action. Listening deeply when others share can
develop intuition in handling problems which arise
unexpectedly. It is usually best for me to avoid impetuous
action. Attending a meeting or calling a fellow A.A.
member will usually reduce tension enough to bring relief
to a desperate sufferer like me. Sharing problems at
meetings with other alcoholics to whom I relate, or
privately with my sponsor, can change aspects of the
positions in which I find myself. Character defects are
identified and I begin to see how they work against me.
When I put my faith in the spiritual power of the program,
when I trust others to teach me what I need to do to have a
better life, I find that I can trust myself to do what is

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JULY 29th

from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 43

Fred's story speaks for itself.  We hope it strikes home to thousands like him.  He had felt only the first part of the wringer.  Most alcoholics have to be pretty badly mangled before they really commence to solve their problems.

Many Doctors and psychiatrists agree with our conclusions.  One of these men, staff member at a world-renowned hospital, recently made this statement to some of us:  "What you say about the general hopelessness of the average alcoholic's plight is, inmy opinion, correct.  As to two of you men, whose stories I have heard, there is no doubt in my mind that were 100% hopeless apart from divine help.  Had you offered yourselves as patients at this hospital, I would not have taken you, if I had been able to avoid it.  People like you are too heartbreaking.  Though not a religious person, I have profound respect for the spiritual approach in cases such as yours.  For most cases, there is virtually no other solution."

Once more:  The alcoholic at certain times has no effective defense against the first drink.  Except in a few rare cases, neither he nor any other human can provide such a defense.  His defense must come from a higher power.

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