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Tuesday Night in England Meeting

March 31st- Daily Reflections'  are copyrighted by AA World Services Inc. and are reprinted with permission.


On the A. A. calendar it was Year Two. . . . A newcomer
appeared at one of these groups. . . . He soon proved that
his was a desperate case, and that above all he wanted to
get well . . . [He said], "Since I am the victim of another
addiction even worse stigmatized than alcoholism, you may
not want me among you."

I came to you—a wife, mother, woman who had walked out
on her husband, children, family. I was a drunk, a pill-head,
a nothing. Yet no one denied me love, caring, a sense of
belonging. Today, by God's grace and the love of a good
sponsor and a home group, I can say that—through you in
Alcoholics Anonymous—I am a wife, a mother, a
grandmother and a woman. Sober. Free of pills. Responsible.
Without a Higher Power I found in the Fellowship, my
life would be meaningless. I am full of gratitude to be a
member of good standing in Alcoholics Anonymous.
End of Reading
KD  for March 31st

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