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Cut and Paste Help

Cut and paste is a very convenient way to transfer information by computer. Here at the e-AA group we use cut and paste in our meetings often. Read AA literature, the preamble, formats, things like that.

Cut and paste is very easy. Once you successfully do it the first time you'll go "Hey! Look at that! Wasn't that easy!

Opening a Meeting Format

To chair one of our meetings, look in the yellow banner, and click the link "Meeting Formats and Text." A new window will open. With some web browsers, the new page opens behind the chat window. Look down on your task bar at the bottom of the screen and click the window for the meeting format page.

AOL and CompuServe users will need to look at the top of the browser on the menu bar. Click the "Window" menu choice, then select the window "Meeting Formats."

Click the meeting you wish to chair. You will go to the start of that meeting.

You can cut and paste one line or one paragraph at a time. When the chat program gets to a double space - like  this - it interprets that as the end of a paragraph. Many word processors inset a double space at the end of each period, so if you can, always cut and paste off of the web pages provided here in the chat room. They are formatted to work with our chat software.

Selecting the text

Once your text is where you can see it, position your mouse at the start of the paragraph. Click the left mouse button, hold it down and drag to the end of the paragraph. This will highlight the text as you drag the mouse pointer.

Selected text

Right click in the highlighted area, then click "Copy."

Copying the text

Go back to the main chat window. Click one time in the typing bar. This will put a flashing I cursor there:

Back to the Chat Room

If you have Netscape Navigator, to paste, right click in the typing area, click paste, the text will appear in the typing area.

If you are using Internet Explorer, or AOL, you need to use your keyboard. Once you have the cursor in the typing area hit the CTRL key (just below the SHift key) and the letter V at the same time and your text will appear in the typing box.

Then just hit your enter key or click the talk button, then start the next paragraph.

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